About Steven Gordon

Me, looking nonplussed.

My name is Steven Gordon (perhaps not a surprise), but on the internet you can find me going by Traikan. Nicknames were all the rage at the turnĀ of the 21st century.

I come from a family of scientists, engineers, and one guy who is into real estate. Naturally, this made me want to be an artist.

I met a guy who composed, saw behind the curtain, and realized that writing music on a computer is more or less equivalent to clicking the mouse a bunch and pressing a few keys on the keyboard (in my case mostly ctrl-z), and then sound comes out! Repeat until the sound is music, and then repeat until the music is great.

My musical style is heavily influenced by video games, particularly the 16-bit era. I have a fondness for all things electronic, and a soft spot for power metal. A very big soft spot.