So You Want to Write Music…

I’m not satisfied with the tutorials out there for burgeoning composers, so I decided to make my own. Simply put, you don’t need to know a lot of music theory to start writing music. You will want to learn it eventually, but I think it’s a bad place to start. It delays the creative process too much. New software + new mindset + new vocabulary = huge investment of time before you get to the good stuff, and you don’t even know if you like writing music!

Following this series of videos will teach you enough about music theory and production using REAPER that by the end, if nothing else, you’ll know if music composition is something you want to explore further or if it’s just not the hobby for you. By focusing on the parts of music theory that are most immediately relevant to composition and leaving the rest to be filled in later, you can jump right into the good stuff and have something that sounds like a song in less than 30 minutes. It won’t be an amazing song, but it will be your song, and that’s a start.

You can check out the series on youtube: